Company Details:
999 Third Avenue, Suite 700
Seattle, Wash. 98104

Phone: 855-462-9635

BYNDL provides the ability to make payment smarter and easier via mobile. Transactions via the mobile app provide consumer data and thus allow operators the ability to send coupons to customers for enable loyalty and offers for demand generation.

BYNDL enables demand generation to happen well beyond the point of sale at the unique vending machine, but rather at the point of decision. The BYNDL SaaS transaction processing platform integrates natural commerce partners, not previously able to connect, targeting unattended retail together. While the mobile app is currently available through vending machines, it will eventually be enabled well beyond snack and beverages.

When the consumer accesses the app via their mobile device, consumer native mobile data is unleashed. Data isn’t only transpired in front of the vending machine, but it travels with the consumer, providing even more insight into consumer buying behavior.