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The BENEO™ label guarantees:

The presence of an ingredient from chicory that helps you to maintain a healthy, balanced digestive system.
The scientific basis of a food product’s positive effect on the digestive system. Indeed,the BENEO™ label may only be used on food products that are in line with the opinions of independent experts in the field.

These vegetable ingredients, scientifically known as inulin and oligofructose, are commonly found in a large number of vegetables and fruits, such as:onions, leeks, wheat, garlic, bananas, artichokes,chicory

This means that inulin and oligofructose have always been part of a healthy, balanced diet. The chicory root, the beneficial effect of which is a matter of historical record, contains a large amount of inulin. We extract inulin from chicory root with hot water. Oligofructose is then derived from inulin.

BENEO Nth Degree Low GI Performance Drinks

BENEO Nth Degree Low GI Performance Drinks