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Company Details:
1100 E Woodfield Rd.
Suite 108
Schaumburg, Il 60173

Toll Free: 877- SIGNIFI (744 6434)

A successful technology company with global impact, over the past decade, Signifi has evolved from a technology development firm to a driver of self-serve retail solutions. Signifi is an IBM Retail Partner, and integrates the power of the Esprida platform into all its enterprise-wide solutions for real-time reporting and advanced analytics. Retail, telecommunications, entertainment... whatever the consumer category, industry frontrunners have counted on Signifi for robust "Plug and profit" ROI based solutions.

Signifi Solutions Offers Video Game Vending Machine

May 8, 2013
Signifi Solutions Outdoor DVD Rental Kiosk

Signifi Solutions Outdoor DVD Rental Kiosk

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