Vending Remains A Great Industry; Ask Someone Who Did Something Else

In challenging times, it helps to know that people continue to enter the vending business and find it financially and personally rewarding.I have spoken with people from all types of business background over the years who came into vending and found it more profitable and enjoyable than the business they came from. This includes people from financial services, manufacturing, retailing and elsewhere.I recently spoke with a gentleman who spent many years running an electronics manufacturing business before getting into vending two years ago. He was very successful in his first industry, but he was glad to get out. The mental pressures were huge. He felt fortunate he was able to sell the company.In seeking a second career, he bought a small vending business. Two years later, he doesnt regret the decision one bit.This gentleman doesnt want to reveal his name at the present time. He wants to wait until he grows the business more before going public with his story. And he is very upbeat despite the recession.This individual, with his background in electronics manufacturing, sees a lot of great things about the vending business.Identifying customers is not hard. Knowing what equipment and products to buy is not hard. Knowing the type of employees you need is not hard.The work itself he finds enjoyable. Customers appreciate what he does for them.The moral support he gets from his suppliers and customers alike is unheard of in other industries.As a newcomer, he had no problem finding people suppliers and other operators willing to share information on how to succeed in vending.From a financial perspective, vending does not take as much capital as many other businesses.And profit margins? This, he says, is one of the biggest advantages about the vending business. Even in a brutal recession.The vending industry is still a great place to be.