CoffeeShow Fits The Bill For Information-Hungry Business Owners

Last weeks CoffeeShow in Las Vegas was a hit. Im not talking about the turnout, which surprised people who expected the recession to soften attendance. The show was filled with relevant information on the fast changing world of office coffee.Attendees took copious notes during the education seminars, and it will take time to digest all of the information on coffee presentation, brewing, selling, team building and managing. The tabletop exhibit floor was buzzing with activity. The time passed quickly.VendingMarketWatch has been carrying reports from the show floor this week.The National Automatic Merchandising Association, in its third year of hosting the event, has clearly paid attention to attendee input from the previous events. This years seminars were more comprehensive, and they addressed all aspects of succeeding in coffee service.CoffeeShow fills an important need. As coffee preparation and presentation tools have evolved, the coffee industry has become more specialized. As technology, management and marketing tools have improved, the opportunities for learning about these areas in one location have become more important to far sighted business owners.The market has changed a lot in the last year alone. Customers have become more aware of single serve, and they want it more than ever.The saturation point for single serve is still several years away. There is no reason to believe that single cup wont eventually account for close to half of all office brewers.The level of competition out there doesnt seem to scare away newcomers. I have noticed in each of the last three years a lot of attendees who are in the early stages of establishing a coffee business.The infuson of new blood into the market serves to raise the bar of required excellence higher. Which makes events like CoffeeShow even more imperative for anyone who wants to succeed in coffee service.These are exciting times to be in coffee service.