Our Machines And Products Are Made In America; Let’s Shout About It!

Everyone over the age of 40 can remember a time when you could buy a refrigerator, a washing machine or other appliance and feel confident that it would work properly for more than a few years. The products were made in the U.S. and consumers didnt have to buy extended service contracts because they knew the manufacturers made reliable products.Not so today.Nowadays, you need an extended service contract for just about any appliance. With most appliances being made offshore, quality has declined because foreign labor is cheap and less educated.Its about time that the vending and coffee service industries reminded customers that American manufacturers can and do make reliable products. Today, vending machines and coffee brewers are among the few appliances that are still primarily made in the U.S. They are, coincidentally, among the only appliances that have become more and not less reliable.This is an important message.People frequently complain that nothing is made in the U.S. any longer. Their concern has not been lost on politicians, many of whom at least pay lip service to finding ways to restore U.S. manufacturing.The vending and coffee service industries do more than pay lip service to supporting Made In America.The vending industry in particular has worked hard over the years to improve its reputation for quality products and reliable service. The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) has launched a media relations campaign which included a segment on the History Channels Modern Marvels series in late 2008. That campaign continues.The PR efforts have paid off. Consumer surveys have shown that perception of vending has improved in recent years.Vending and coffee service operators can go a step further and remind customers that their industry supports the U.S. economy since most of the machines, besides being more reliable, are made in the U.S. and support the U.S. labor force and the U.S. economy.Products sold in vending machines are also made in the U.S.Besides helping the U.S. economy, products made in the U.S. also help the environment by reducing delivery routes.These may seem like small things in relation to all the benefits our industry provides. But consumers are concerned about restoring U.S. manufacturing and helping the environment. The vending and coffee service industry has a good story to tell.How about an industrywide Made in America campaign?