New roaster in town

Valentine Coffee Co. at 5918 W. Vliet St. in Milwaukee, Wis., boasts a new approach to coffee for the Midwest – coffee tastings.  Founder Robb Kashevarof has a background in the wine industry and he has brought his critical palette and desire for an exceptional drinking experience to Milwaukee, Wis.’s coffee drinkers. Along with his business partner, Joe Gilsdorf, Kashevarof roasts his own coffee in the back room of the Valentine coffee shop with professional equipment and scientific measurements. In the front, customers are treated to coffee made with the pour-over method which draws fuller flavor from the grounds. Listening to Kashevarof describe the blueberry notes of the Ethiopia Harrar or the lingering dark chocolate flavor of the Sumatra Lintong you know you aren’t in a chain coffee establishment. The whole process is an experience that leaves the drinker wanting more.

Kashevarof has focused on making his coffee available in well-known area restaurants, such as Bartolottas, as well as local offices through their partnership with Pavlic Vending & Modern Coffee.

Native name

Valentine is Kashevarof’s grandfather’s name, one common in the Inuit tribes in Alaska. The Bering Sea Blend is a tribute to Kashevarof’s Native American roots.