The Daily Update has received a facelift

I hope you aren’t tired of reading about all the changes that have come to Automatic Merchandiser and in the almost 2 years since I’ve been publisher. People ask me how things are going and my reply is always the same, “Busy and exciting!” I’ve mentioned on quite a few occasions that I love technology and I also love this industry. With that in mind, making sure that we provide our readers with the best experience available is our no. 1 priority. Our content is constantly addressing the need for industry members to embrace technology where they can and to try new things in their businesses. The theme has always been that you simply cannot do business the same way you did 10, 20 or even 30 years ago. The business continues to change.

The same goes in the world of publishing and we must practice what we preach. Automatic Merchandiser and have always been the first to offer diverse ways to access content. Whether that was in podcasting, the launch of video with VMW TV or the launch into responsive design with so that the industry could access our content on any device easily without having to manually resize the screens.


Redesigned with you in mind

So what’s left? Well, something that I had the pleasure to see launched. In 2005, Gloria Cosby, publisher at the time, had an idea to create a daily newsletter for the vending audience. I remember sitting in Gloria’s office as she cut out images and pasted together the concept of the newsletter on a piece of paper. It was such an exciting time in our publishing world to be the first daily newsletter for the industry. There have been minor tweaks along the way, but for the most part, the Daily Update hasn’t changed…until now. Starting in May, I’m excited to present the redesign of the Daily Update, which includes a new name: VMW Today.

VMW Today is the same daily newsletter with the same content that you’ve come to expect, however, redesigned to be viewed on virtually any device. Whether you are on your desktop, your tablet or your smartphone, you can access the latest news without having to resize anything. I say virtually on any device because the minute that this goes to press, another company will announce its new phone and we’ll have to work to make sure it’s compatible.


Focused on today’s news

So why VMW Today? Quite simply, we are still the only daily newsletter serving the industry. Every weekday, the editorial team gathers the latest news. They don’t wait to run items that have been out for a few weeks; they are focused on getting you industry news that happened in the last 24 hours and delivering it today. Again, we must practice what we preach and continue to evolve instead of relying on the same things done for years without any change. If you were subscribed to the Daily Update, don’t worry, you don’t need to re-subscribe to VMW Today. However, if you never received the Daily Update, you can subscribe to VMW Today at