Bonus Marketing Tips - The Basics Of A Great Website

Even if you spend money on nothing else, make sure you invest in a truly effective Website. Every interaction that you have with any prospect anywhere will result in a web visit. So you need to be ready with a top-notch site. It is the 24/7 sales rep for your company.

You don’t need to spend big bucks, just make sure you keep key guidelines in mind:

  • Remember your personas – your site should appeal to the needs and wants of your key prospects. Give them what they want. They will appreciate it.
  • Keep it simple – Great Websites don’t need to be big and complicated. In fact, simple is better. Remember, your prospects want to quickly find what they’re looking for. The navigation choices you offer should be intuitive. Don’t make them think too much about finding what they want.
  • Don’t spill all the beans – Your content should be informative and deliver good information, but keep it short. No one likes to read a lot on a Website and, after all, you want to give them a reason to call you!