Thank You, NAMA

As I move into the final days of my term as chair of NAMA, I wanted to share some parting thoughts. Most of all, I wanted to pass on a sincere “thank you” to our NAMA members, board of directors and staff for the privilege of having served in this role.

A couple of people recently have asked me what the last year has been like. “Fleeting,” is my standard answer. What that means is that this has probably been the best year of my professional life. While it’s been a challenge and required time away from my family life and my “day job,” I’ve greatly enjoyed being NAMA chair. With confidence I can say, together with my fellow members of the NAMA board, we’ve made a difference. I’m truly proud of the progress we’ve made.

As I transition out of my role, I’d like to continue to ensure we as an industry never lose a laser-like focus on the customer. It’s the foundation of our business – of any business.

Looking forward, I see great things for our industry and our association.  I am particularly excited by the energy and enthusiasm of the younger professionals at the beginning of their careers. I’m looking forward to seeing all the good that will result from continuing to harness their involvement through the Emerging Leaders Network in the months and years to come. We’ll work to cultivate them as leaders on the board and in the industry overall – I’m amazed when I look at their career accomplishments as they build their businesses, conquering new horizons. 

An important element I consider as I’m passing the baton, is the leadership of NAMA to my good friend Pete Tullio who takes the helm July 1.

In terms of advice, former GE Chair Jack Welch might have said it best:  “Put the right people in the right place and get out of the way.”  He spoke often of the all-important ‘shared vision and values’ – a point that’s totally relevant here.

Through the challenging yet rewarding strategic planning process, we’ve developed the right footprint to virtually guarantee a shared vision. The values come from the right people who are absolutely in the right places. We have an outstanding leadership team on staff at the association, a high performance board and an engaged membership – a powerful combination.

So Pete, here’s to you, as you move toward your 365 days as NAMA chair. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you will do to support the industry and association.