I Thank You, And Hope You Continue Your Support

As I retired as vending instructor at Randolph/Edison High School, I was cleaning out my desk, and after 24 years it really needed it, but what great memories were stored in there.

Each memory is directly related in some way to YOU, the people of the vending industry. You have made this program, and my time as an instructor a success. Since 1989 you have done whatever was required to support the kids in the program, and it worked. Our grads are out in the industry providing for themselves and their families. They have a positive reputation, have become key employees in many companies, and I believe they are part of the future of the industry.

Next school year brings a major hurdle for the program with the start of a new instructor. You see, you have been holding me up for a long time while we got the program working as it should. The new instructor has the same teaching experience as I had when I started, NONE. He will require a lot of hand holding and support. I have committed my support and I feel strongly you will reach out to him as well. This program is too important not to, for the kids and the industry. This program is truly a win-win situation.

There is no way I can adequately thank you for all you have done for me, so instead I would like to share the pride I feel in our accomplishments.

Attached is a photo taken at a picnic/softball game, put together by some of the graduates of the program. I was presented with a beautiful plaque and received many kind compliments. YOU provided the means to make this happen and while you may not know their names, you have touched each of their lives, and they are ALL doing very well. I hope you can see that my chest is puffed out further than my stomach, and that’s saying something. The hand sign they are holding up stands for "vending, live long and prosper." The little guys in the photo are two of my grandsons, who were invited to join in the game and accepted as little vending brothers. You see, what we have put together with the vending machine repair program is very much like a family.

Thank you for who you are, and what you have done,

Jim Clark

(former) vending instructor, Randolph/Edison High School