The need to diversify isn’t just for vending

Throughout the years, Automatic Merchandiser and have given you many articles regarding the importance of diversification in your business, the need for embracing new technologies and new ideas. The same goes for us in the publishing world. Not long ago, print was king and while print is still vital in business to business, the importance of the Internet has increased over the years. evolved to VendingMarket along with the daily eNewsletter. I love the fact that when I’m at a show, someone will pull out their phone and show me our eNewsletter and tell me, “I read it every day.”

The explosion of new media has continued to create many opportunities to get content out and we need to take every advantage there is to help you access that content in your preferred format.

VendingMarketWatch news as video

Realizing this need, Automatic Merchandiser and have always been quick to adapt to new technologies and media. Today is no different. I’d like to introduce the FIRST video newscast dedicated to providing you with information strictly related to vending, micro market and office coffee service. This is an exciting time for us as we now can communicate with you in print, online, mobile, through social media and now video.

VendingMarketWatch News will be delivered to you two times a month via your email or you can access it 24/7 on using our news and media center pages.

Giving you the tools through content created and delivered to address your needs in vending, micro market and office coffee service will always be our main mission, no matter how you access our media. And who says that innovation can’t be a little fun along the way? If you have any ideas on content that you’d like to see featured in the future, please drop me a line.