Change is inevitable, commitment is not

It is with excitement and pride that I introduce myself as the new editor of Automatic Merchandiser magazine. My name (hopefully) is not unfamiliar to our readers as I have been the managing editor of this publication for six years, covering everything from vending product trends to increasing profitability. I’ve traveled around the country interviewing operators for profiles, learned a great deal and had many great experiences. This industry is a lot of fun to cover and I’m thrilled to take on this new role.

Passion leads to innovation

Elliot Maras has become an editor for the vehicle service industry. But before that, he taught me about the vending industry, passing along the same industry passion that is shared by all vending visionaries, including those that show the rest of us what new technology can do. This month’s success story, Ace Vending in Phoenix, Ariz., is a tale of three such men, who successfully used technology to grow their business. On page 18, read about how they utilized DEX and eventually cashless, to create the most efficient routes, choose top selling products and install revenue-building micro markets.

While the industry is changing with technology, it still revolves around service, and delivering products. That’s why we have a preview of the National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea & Water event on page 10, which promises educational sessions and exhibits for the office coffee service professional. And on page 12, we discuss the role pastries play in the vending mix for today’s consumer environment.

Commitment to the industry

While change is inevitable, one thing remains constant here at Automatic Merchandiser and VendingMarketWatch, and that is our commitment to being your source for news, analysis and insight into this ever-changing world of vending, office coffee service and micro markets. From our well-respected print publication to our expanding array of online offerings, we will continue to be your go-to spot for industry news and information.

Lately we’ve been branching out, looking at more interactive ways to bring you this information. If you live on social media, find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Join the conversation on our Website with comments, or drop us a line by email, or even mail. We’d love to hear from you.