2012 Quarterly Winner: Darren Adkins, Webco Vending, Proctorville, Ohio

Darren Adkins, route driver and route supervisor at Webco Vending in Proctorville, Ohio, raises the bar on service. For over 25 years, he’s been servicing locations in the tri-state area of Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky, and customers still praise his efforts.

“Darren is really good at getting feedback,” said Tim Webb Sr., CFO of Webco Vending. Webb credits Adkins’ success to both years of experience and the ability to size up an account. Plus, he works hard.

“At 5 o’clock in the morning, he opens the warehouse, and he just left (at 4 p.m.),” said Webb. “He’s a great guy.”

Pro Route Management

In 2012, Webco began using CompuVend vending management software to increase route efficiencies, profitability and for cash loss prevention. When it was added to Adkin’s route it was obvious he didn’t need the software.

“My predictions were correct that we could find very little room for improvement on his route,” said Tim Webb, II, owner and CEO of Webco. “The experience and knowledge that he brings to the business every day is priceless.”

Besides working as a route driver, or route salesman as it’s called at Webco, Adkins performs the role of route supervisor, where he trains new drivers and manages others. Webb, II, nominated Adkins because he is a great employee who fills in when needed and performs his job to the highest caliber.

Adkins is also a foster parent and just adopted two young children. He hunts as well as owns and runs a seasonal greenhouse business.

Top Scoring Driver

Route driver winners are chosen based on a numerical score from an online nomination form. The score takes into account years as a driver, number of machines serviced, miles traveled, accidents and citations, sick days, speed, thoroughness, likability, number of compliments, friendliness, appearance, condition of truck, empty spirals and sales. Kraft Vending & OCS, as well as Automatic Merchandiser and VendingMarketWatch, sponsor the winners.

In recognition of his efforts, Adkins wins $250 and a chance at the 2012 Vending Route Driver of the Year prize awarded in April of 2013 at the National Automatic Merchandising Association OneShow in Las Vegas.