Houston Vending Operator Embraces Social Media

CNC Vending, a Houston-based company is looking for new ideas on how to continue its “play” in the social media arena.  Fresh off a “Connect for Cash” Q1 campaign, where the vending company awarded its followers with free vends, and money deposited into their self-checkout CNC company market accounts for guessing things like how long Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl would last to which Republican candidate for president would win Tennessee’s primary. 

“By incorporating fun into our wacky contest, we were able to take an impersonal transaction (buying from a vending machine), and incorporate a fun game and in the meantime, build a meaningful relationship with our customer,” said Chuck Olson, owner/operator of CNC Vending.  “Not only are our customers fans of ours on Facebook, but all of their friends and family (over 125K and rising daily) will know when they say things like “love this company and their products” about CNC Vending.”

CNC is rapidly opening it company market concept and expects to continue to utilize social media as a way of building lasting relationships with its clients, all the while attracting new clients from referrals from its friends.  A look at CNC’s Facebook page shows recommendations from many of its customers and even likes from its customers friends. 

“I love where the break room industry is headed.  We are working in exciting times with an incredible opportunity to get our story across to hundreds of thousands just by having fun!  What’s better than that?” beamed Olson at the NAMA One Show in Las Vegas.  Olson hopes to partner with companies like Coke and Mars Chocolate North America as they enter Q2 and Q3 to promote each other’s companies and brands through Facebook and Twitter.