Maximize Self Checkout Micro Markets Purchases By Pairing Food And Beverages

Maximize Self Checkout Micro Markets

As the number of micro markets continues to grow, there is a huge opportunity to leverage what traditional food service restaurants and convenience stores have learned over the years.  Pairing food with beverages can dramatically increase your profitability.

Studies in the convenience store channel show that since 2008, packaged beverages have been the leading category for in-store sales and gross profit.(1) They show 90 percent of those beverages are sold cold and consumed immediately. Category management becomes tremendously helpful because 80 percent of all cold vault sales are produced by only 20 percent of the SKUs. Assortment and evaluation is necessary to ensure that your most productive SKUs never run out of stock.(2) Brand loyalty also becomes critical when you consider that 18 percent of shoppers will go without or go elsewhere when their first beverage choice is unavailable.(3)

Manufacturer expertise drives sales

Leverage Coca-Cola’s expertise in foodservice, tools and brand strength to drive increased purchases for meals and snacks. Results with food and beverage pairings can be dramatic.  Sales of 20-ounce Coca-Cola products were 11 percent higher in outlets that activated Coke with Food programs.(4) Partnerships with leading consumer products from companies like General Mills, Kraft, Hershey’s, P&G and Kellogg’s offer a wealth of flexible programming options to meet your consumers’ needs.

Enhance your marketing efforts by tapping into consumers’ passions. You can make a consumer connection and draw his or her attention by leveraging assets like American Idol, NASCAR, PGA Tour, NASCAR, NCAA and the NBA. You can also leverage loyalty programs like My Coke Rewards to drive engagement and repeat purchase.


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