Quarterly Winner: Kristy Moyer, Café to You by Goodman, Reading, Pa.

Office Coffee Service is a profitable and expanding part of the refreshment services industry. Because of this, Automatic Merchandiser Magazine and Kraft Vending & OCS wanted to ensure the contributions of these route drivers didn’t go unnoticed. After much discussion, it was decided to split the Route Driver of the Year contest into two, offering, for the first time, a chance for OCS route drivers to be recognized for their skills.

Nominations can be made by anyone at VendingMarketWatch.com. Click on “Awards,” then “Route driver of the Year,” to see the nomination choices. OCS route drivers are judged by the same criteria as vending drivers, such as years as a driver, miles traveled, accidents and citations, thoroughness, customer compliments, truck condition, and sales, assigning each a numerical score.

Kristy Moyer stood out this quarter as someone who exemplifies a model OCS driver. She was nominated by Rosie Unger, regional sales director for the eastern division at Goodman Vending/Café to You in Reading, Pa.

“Kristy has a bubbly personality and is fun to be around, and in turn, her customers love her,” Unger said. “No matter what we ask her to do, she has a smile, and I never worry it’s done.”

“I find myself loving my job,” said Moyer. She appreciates everything from being out on the road making delivers to her relationships with customers to the products she delivers. “I’m a coffee addict myself,” she admitted. Her favorite is a Columbia coffee with cream, no sugar.

From Goodman Vending to Café to You

Moyer became a driver with Goodman Vending in 2001 and since then has learned a lot about the business and how interesting it is.

“Liking the product you sell really helps,” said Moyer. In January 2010, Goodman Vending decided to brand its coffee division as “Café to You.” The new name was put on private label coffee, vans and uniforms, which increased sales with existing customers and drew awareness in the community for Goodman’s OCS department.

Over her decade as an OCS driver, Moyer has seen an increase in the popularity of single-cup brewers.

Locations are always asking if Café to You can provide that style unit. “We (also) recently brought in a (lower) priced coffee to meet customers’ needs to cut costs,” said Moyer.

Moyer noted that offices and other businesses are requiring a more upscale coffee system presentation.

Outside work, Moyer enjoys spending time with her fiancé and two young children. “They keep me busy,” she said.