Invest in Your Future -- It's All About You

Why do you go to work everyday? Let's consider the reasons, one at a time.

  • Because you love it? -- Maybe.
  • Because you have nothing else to do? -- Not bloody likely.
  • Because you need to save and plan for your future? -- That's the best reason yet!

Consider what you will look back at

If you are like me -- and our research shows that the majority of you are -- you've been working in the vending and coffee service industry for most of your career -- if not most of your life. I don't know about you, but I'd like to finish out my career in the vending and coffee service industry, go out with a big bang (no gunshots, please), and then sit back in the comfort of my fishing boat to watch the industry continue to evolve.

Assuming, of course, that the vending and coffee service industry will still exist in the future.

NAMA has the future in mind, too

That is what the Foundation of The National Automatic Merchandising Association is all about. The Endowing the Future Capital Campaign was established to raise money to help further the vending and coffee service industry through consumer education, industry personnel education and research. Efforts include:

  • The Balance for Life Campaign targets the general public -- your customers -- and positions the vending industry as responsible and proactive in providing options and solutions in dealing with the current -- and no doubt -- future obesity issues facing all consumers.
  • Education programs, scholarships, endowments and expanded state council financial and educational programs -- hitting home at the local level -- taking proactive steps to advance the professionalism of our industry.
  • Research -- both consumer and industry related -- that will give us hard data and statistics that we can use to grow and become more technologically advanced.

Consider it an investment

As business owners and managers, you make a lot of investments in your operation to ensure its success. But all the business investment in the world won't make a difference if there is no industry left to serve. Now is the time to focus on the opportunities that the future is bringing.

We have a great future

Middle schools, high schools and colleges are turning out the best "crop" of vending customers, yet. These are all kids that grew up with the idea of an "unmanned retail experience." Self service gas -- automatic teller machines -- computer check-in at the airport. This is our opportunity to continue to educate them on the possibilities of automatic merchandising, for our industry to become more professional -- more polished, and leave the bad "rap" of the vending experience long behind us.

NAMA needs all the help they can get in achieving the $5 million goal they have set. They know that many of you can't afford to make a very large donation -- but every dollar helps. Send $5, $10, or $100 -- whatever you can afford. You will be investing in your own future.

As of this writing, I am officially pledging a $10,000 donation -- made by Automatic Merchandiser -- toward all of our futures.

Call NAMA today, 312-346-0370, for more information. Or, send your donation payable to THE NAMA FOUNDATION, to NAMA, 20 North Wacker, Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60606-3102. And hey, it's tax deductible!