Moving Equipment Showcase

Airsled uses air film technology to transport heavy equipment
Over 25 years ago Airsled began engineering products to move loads on air. Airsled specializes in cost effective systems designed to move vending equipment up to 1,400 pounds. One person can easily glide a vendor machine into a tight space floating it on a cushion of air without damage to backs or floors. For more information, call 800-247-7533.

Stellar Industries introduces its 2,000-pound capacity X-Tra-Lift
Stellar Industries, Inc. has released the X-Tra-Lift 2000, a 2,000-pound capacity version of the Stellar X-Tra-Lift Pro. The X-Tra-Lift 2000 is an electrically controlled, hydraulic lifting system that is designed for 1-ton pick-ups and 1-ton trucks with utility bodies. The lifting equipment operates parallel to the ground, keeping the load level at all times. It is stable throughout the entire cycle, making it easy to load from various heights, such as a loading dock. For information, call 800-321-3741.

JLG's Triple-L trailers feature exclusive power deck system for better safety and efficiency
Triple-L trailers from JLG offer improved safety. The trailers keep all loading and unloading at ground level, eliminating the chance of dropping cargo off of the ramps. There is no climbing to access machine tie-downs and no heavy, hinged ramps that can come loose or drop.

Unlike ramp and tilt-bed systems, the Triple-L trailer features the exclusive power deck system, a unique hydraulic mechanism used to lower the entire deck of the trailer to the ground level.

The trailers' power deck offers its own set of advantages, including no driving or lifting up or down inclines, no cumbersome ramp adjustments, efficient on-person operation, the ability to be loaded or unloaded while detached from the tow vehicle, the ability to accommodate multiple items, and there are no winches required. For information, call 877-JLG-LIFT.

Escalera Stair Climber offers strong, tempered aluminum construction
Escalera Stair Climber stair climbing hand trucks are constructed of a tough tempered aluminum alloy, making the hand trucks stronger than magnesium, but lighter than steel. All Escalera Stair Climber hand trucks are 24 inches wide and range in size from 60 inches to 72 inches tall. Every Escalera Stair Climber ships with the sealed gel-cell battery, automatic battery charger, and one automatic rewind safety strap included. There are two capacities of Escalera Stair Climber. For information, call 800-622-1359.

Magline's Gemini XL provides increased capacity and fits in narrow spaces
Magline Inc. recently introduced its Gemini XL, marking an improvement over one of the nation's most popular convertible hand trucks. The Gemini design team took suggestions from route delivery professionals from various industries and built in features to increase capacity, load stability and product life.

The wider, solid deck holds 12- and 20-ounce beverage packages and smaller items securely. Product won't fall through an open frame. The deck has a non-skid finish to help hold packages in place during transport. Greater load stability means reduced product damage and returns. For information, call 800-624-5463 or visit

Thieman Tailgates introduces improvements to its M-series stowaway liftgate
Thieman Tailgates introduces several improvements to the M-series stowaway liftgate. Increased capacity, larger platforms and a new receiver tube for towing have made the M-series one of the most versatile liftgates in the industry.

The M-series is now available in a 3,000-pound capacity as the M-30. The M-30 joins the current models still available: M-16 (1,600 pounds), M-20 (2,000 pounds) and M-25 (2,500 pounds). The M-30 is available with a platform size of 72- by 36- by 6-inch ramp or 84- by36- by 6-inch ramp. For information, call 800-524-5210.

Step Rider stair climber moves heavy loads securely, safely and economically up stairways
The Step Rider is a compact, power-operated, stair-climbing device that does the liftgating for the operator, moving either vertical or horizontal loads up and down stairs. A single mover can use the Step Rider safely, securely and economically.

The Vending System Model 1800 is rated for loads up to 1,800 pounds and comes in either AC or AC/DC current. Included at no additional cost is a 9-caster swivel dolly and attached ratcheting safety strap.

The climbing ability of the Step Rider is achieved through the use of two completely synchronized, non-marking, polyurethane tracks located on each side. The lugs on each track are spaced to engage at least three separate steps of a stairway. It has an automatic break that will lock up the load in the event of a power failure while on the stairs. For information, call 800-515-4292.